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To get it Mythology, we ought to begin with getting it the meaning of ‘Myth’. English word reference would translate myth as something broadly held, but false. In this way, when talked approximately mythology, individuals would accept it to be off-base or untrue or something out of creative ability. The truth is everybody’s truth. Fiction is nobody’s truth. Myth is somebody’s truth. It’s social truth, a devout truth, a nation’s truth, one that ties a community together by giving them a common worldview to operate inside. The 70s brought a progressive to alter within the setting of writing and in this way risen a modified definition of myth which expressed it to be ‘somebody’s truth’.
It is the consider and translation of frequently sacrosanct stories or tales of a culture known as myths or the collection of such stories which bargain with different perspectives of the human condition: great and fiendish; the meaning of enduring; human beginnings; the beginning of place-names, creatures, social values, and conventions; the meaning of life and passing the great beyond; and the divine beings or a god. Myths express the convictions and values of these subjects held by a certain culture.
Myths frequently relate to the creation of the world and some of the time its future pulverization as well. They tell how divine beings made men. They delineate the connections between different divine beings and between divine beings and men. They give an ethical code by which to live. And myths treat the lives of heroes who speak to the beliefs of a society. In brief, myths to a great extent bargain with the noteworthy perspectives of human and super-human presence.
In show utilization, mythology more often than not alludes to the collected myths of a gather of individuals, but may moreover cruel the consider of such myths. For illustration, Greek mythology, Roman mythology, and Hittite mythology all portray the body of myths retold among those societies. Folklorist Alan Dundes characterizes myth as a sacrosanct story that clarifies how the world and humankind advanced into their show shape. Dundes classified a sacrosanct story as "a story that serves to characterize the elemental worldview of a culture by clarifying angles of the common world and depicting the mental and social hones and standards of a society."
What one calls “mythology” within the display day, it ought to be recollected, was the religion of the antiquated past. The stories which make up the corpus of antiquated mythology served the same reason for the individuals of the time as the stories from acknowledged sacred text do for individuals nowadays: they clarified, comforted, and coordinated a group of onlookers and, assist, given a sense of solidarity, cohesion, and assurance to a community of like-minded devotees.

Types of Mythology

There are numerous various mythologies that existed. The curious portion around them is their beginning. There a few mythologies that are alike, but out of them come distinctive parts of the world and diverse time periods. Three of the more conspicuous mythologies are Greek, Norse, and Egyptian, all of which are more antiquated and classic mythologies. Egyptian, Greek, and Norse mythologies came from exceptionally diverse roots and time periods. In spite of the fact that they are all one of a kind in their possess right, they contained a few exceptionally essential similitudes such as the organizing of certain critical divine beings, dominance in old societies, and particular capacities for their divine beings. A few of their contrasts incorporate their viewpoint on life, their area within the world, and the way they have seen their divine beings. 
So, let me describe in the laconic way of some types of mythology.

Greek Mythology

Greek mythology, a body of stories concerning the divine beings, heroes, and ceremonies of the antiquated Greeks. That the myths contained an impressive component of fiction was recognized by the more basic Greeks, such as the logician Plato within the 5th–4th century BCE. In Greek mythology, there's no single unique content just like the Christian Book of scriptures or the Hindu Vedas that present all of the myths’ characters and stories. Instep, the earliest Greek myths were a portion of a verbal convention that began within the Bronze Age, and their plots and topics unfurled continuously within the composed writing of the obsolete and classical periods.     Read More...

Norse Mythology

Before the Norse (a.k.a. the Vikings) changed over to Christianity amid the Center Ages, they had their possess dynamic local agnostic religion that was as cruelly excellent as the Nordic scene to which it was personally associated. The centerpiece of that faith was what we consider "North Mythology" today: a collection of religious myths that give significance to the life of the Vikings. These myths spun around divine beings and goddesses with interesting and profoundly complex characters, such as Odin, Thor, Freya, and Loki.     Read More...

Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian mythology was the conviction structure and fundamental frame of antiquated Egyptian culture from at slightest c. 4000 BCE (as prove by burial hones and tomb canvases) to 30 BCE with the passing of Cleopatra VII, the final ruler of the Ptolemaic line of Egypt. Each angle of life in old Egypt was educated by the stories related to the creation of the world and the maintaining of that world by the divine beings.     Read More...

Roman Mythology

The old Romans had wealthy mythology and, whereas much of it was inferred from their neighbors and forerunners, the Greeks, it still characterized the wealthy history of the Roman individuals as they inevitably developed into a domain. Roman journalists such as Ovid and Virgil archived and amplified the legendary legacy of the old Mediterranean to gives us such long-lasting and famous figures as Aeneas, Vesta, Janus, and the twin authors of Rome itself, Romulus and Remus.      Read More...

Hindu Mythology

Indian Mythology is one of the wealthiest components of Indian Culture, which improves it encourages and makes it a special one within the world. Through eras, distinctive stories in Indian mythology have been passed from era to era either by word of mouth or through carefully put away sacred writings. Hindu mythology is stories found in Hindu writings such as the Vedic writing, sagas like Mahabharata and Ramayana, the Puranas, the territorial works of writing like Periya Puranam. Hindu mythology is additionally found in broadly deciphered prevalent writings such as the Panchatantra and Hitopadesha, as well as Southeast Asian writings. Hindu history is so antiquated, going back to the ancient periods of Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Bronze ages, the got to carry history forward within the frame of myths got to be fundamental as not everyone was proficient and Hindus required to pass down verifiable occasions orally.      Read More...

There are many more types of mythology so as of collecting resources they would be added later on...


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